Renovations and adaptations represent the execution of construction and other works on an already existing building, and they mainly change the organization of space in the building by demolishing or constructing partition walls, replacing devices, equipment and installations.

"Agrikol Construction" offers you a complete service in the renovation and renovation of houses, buildings, halls, from planning to construction.

Maximum results are assured by years of employee experience, dedication, enthusiasm, constant monitoring of new trends in construction, as well as constant listening to market needs. All this enables the company Agrikol doo to lead its business in the right direction, saving money and time for contracting authorities, by proposing the best and most effective solutions regarding the renovation and renovation of space - houses, buildings, halls.

Planning and doing such complex work on your own is usually not a good idea. Through our network of partners and suppliers, we can offer you better-than-retail prices. Thanks to optimization of work and costs, we achieve the price of our service less than the costs that you would have to plan and realize the adaptation yourself. We finish everything on a turnkey basis - from the conversation and the idea, to the complete realization, according to a pre-agreed plan and with strict adherence to deadlines. In that sense, there is no waste of time or money.

Whether it is a home, building or hall renovation, we are here to find the best solution that will satisfy you. We guarantee that all works will be performed in a quality, systematic and professional manner.

You can order either external or internal adaptation, as well as individual adaptation works.

Our expert and experienced team of masters will comply with all standards, regulations and deadlines for the execution of works.

Our goal is to completely relieve you of the obligations, worries and waste of time that must be spent on planning, executing and coordinating work.

Ours is to work, and yours is to be content and enjoy your new, refreshed space.

Many years of experience and a wide range of clients are our best recommendation.