Designing in construction represents the path from idea to final realization, that is, from conception and design to the finished object. Thanks to our experts, this route is safe, fast and easy. We take care of ourselves when it comes to the preparation of complete technical documentation, which consists of preliminary, main and contractual design and represents a set of all expertly made drawings, calculations, descriptions and construction plan of the facility.

Our team includes a number of enthusiasts and dedicated professionals - architects, construction, mechanical, traffic engineers, as well as technicians of all professions.

The project that you envisioned, by the work of these experts, becomes a reality in a relatively short time, from the idea in your imagination, through a sketch on paper to a model and finally - a finished project (residential or commercial space).


The sketch serves as the basis for the construction of the preliminary design. It is done based on the client's desire and idea, need and material capabilities. This phase is very important as the requirements and tasks are re-examined.

The next step towards the final object is the development of a preliminary design. It contains drawings where the client can see what the object will look like and make his or her comments about any changes. 3D views are especially interesting, when you can create an image of how the whole object will look like.

After approval of the preliminary design, the preparation of the main project is started. It is the final and most important project and contains all the details of the facility and budgets.

The contracting project is the last in a series of projects. It shows the smallest details of the building and is used for construction work on the site.

We use state-of-the-art hardware and software to help you come up with conceptual solutions, all under the skilled hand of an expert team.

Our team works on a daily basis to refine their knowledge and explore the possibilities of classic and prefabricated construction, coming up with new ideas and creative applications.

Clients can rely on our services. We will walk you through all the necessary procedures and offer a number of different solutions from which you will finally choose.

Creating the main design is only possible if you and the designer have agreed in every way.