Painting works are the most important works in landscaping. They represent a demanding job and start with preparations that must be expertly and quality done to make the paint on the walls and ceilings last longer.



If the wall is not flat like a mirror - if there are small furrows, lines, cracks, lumps - then it is necessary to trowel. Glades as the finest material should fill the tiniest bumps on the wall and make the perfect base for lime. By tiling, the wall or ceiling surface is flattened in order to properly repair any imperfections and to protect the walls in the future. The walls thus prepared are ready to paint the walls in the desired shades.


Wall painting

Roofing is the easiest and fastest way to beautify a space. When painting walls, it is paramount that clients decide what color quality and shades they want in their new surroundings. Colors are very important for our mood, give the rooms aesthetic atmosphere, refresh them and completely change their appearance. The color tones that we get depend on the color quality. There are semi-dispersive, washable or dispersive and acrylic paints. The main difference in quality is the tone you get. In semi-dispersion, strong tones cannot be achieved, while all tones can be extracted with acrylic paint. Colors also vary in wear resistance. Acrylics are much more durable and waterproof.


Gluing wallpaper

Gluing wallpaper provides exceptional decorative options. They can be applied to the total surface of the walls as well as to individual parts. Wallpapering is fast, without lifting dust and drilling holes, so you're effectively giving your walls a new look. In addition to wallpaper reviving walls, they have several benefits: camouflage a damaged wall, mitigate architectural flaws, and give the wall texture.


Our years of experience make us professionals in this field.

We pay attention to the smallest details to make sure that our work will not only look beautiful but also last.

We use materials of renowned domestic and foreign manufacturers whose installation guarantees the quality of work. With high quality materials and a wide variety of colors, we will satisfy all your wishes.

It's up to you to choose the tone and imagine, and we're here to make it happen.