"Agrikol construction" is involved in the design and construction of refrigerators for the storage and cooling of various types of products.

The design and construction of cold stores must provide adequate conditions for the cooling, freezing and storage of foodstuffs. Investors' vision is very important when taking the first steps in designing.

Depending on the technology used for the storage of fruits and vegetables, there are two types of refrigerators: refrigerators with standard refrigeration systems and controlled atmosphere (CA) refrigerators. In terms of purpose, they can be production and distribution and in both cases controlled atmosphere conditions can be used.


No matter what the refrigerator is, the design and construction principles are similar.

Refrigerators are in most cases made of insulating panels which, due to their properties and good thermal insulation, prevent thermal gains from the surrounding rooms and the outside.

CA refrigerators differ in the technology and materials used in the construction of the chambers, floors and doors themselves, which must ensure high standards regarding the airtight closure of the chamber spaces. Therefore, constructors and designers must take into account the types of panels, the way they are connected and insulated, the way to achieve the airtightness of individual openings, and especially the tightness of the door.

When building refrigerators, we always strive for economical construction. We pay special attention to the construction of the building and the choice of insulation panels, as well as the requirements for the lowest possible consumption of electricity.

The construction is being assembled at the existing location owned by the investor with all necessary documentation.

All the components we install are of the highest quality, tested and with the required certificates.

We take care to fulfill all the requirements defined by legal regulations (occupational safety, fire protection, safety requirements) to ensure the required quality of the product.

We offer you well-designed and realized solutions, respecting standards and regulations, but also an ongoing need for technological innovation

In a very short time you can have a refrigerator on a turnkey basis. After installation, we train the staff how to properly handle the refrigerator to run smoothly.